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Families of prisoners in Bahrain deserve to celebrate Eid with their sons

  The Bahraini authorities must end their campaign against all those who voice dissent and... more

Defective and Deficient: A Review of Bahrain’s National Human Rights Bodies

In the aftermath of the Bahraini uprising in 2011, the King of Bahrain ordered the... more

BCHR: Authorities in Bahrain should release Jaafar Maatouk for humanitarian reasons

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) deplores the continued detention of Jaafar Maatouk, who... more

مركز البحرين لحقوق الإنسان: ينبغي على السلطة في البحرين الإفراج عن جعفر معتوق لدواعٍ إنسانية

يستنكر مركز البحرين لحقوق الإنسان استمرار احتجاز جعفر معتوق الذي يعاني من إعاقة بصرية وعجز... more

Press in Bahrain: Restricting the Word & Blocking Freedom

On World Press Freedom Day, Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) held a webinar addressing... more

On Press Freedom Day: No to laws that violate freedoms

Bahrain ranked 168 in the 2021 World Press Freedom Index according to Reporters Without Borders.... more

Trade Unionism in Bahrain: Restrictions, Violations, and Attempts to Mold and Infiltrate

The political and labor scenes have always been intertwined in Bahrain. Political grievances have been... more

2021 World Press Freedom Index: Journalism, the vaccine against disinformation, blocked in more than 130 countries

This statement was originally published on on 20 April 2021. The 2021 World Press Freedom Index... more

They are not just numbers!

Ramadan falls this year in Bahrain with a wave of releases of detainees who have... more

Karim Fakhrawi

Karim Fakhrawi, founder and board member of Al-Wasat, Bahrain’s premier independent daily newspaper, was tortured to... more