Bahrain Center for Human Rights: Denying the Secretary-General of Haq political Movement his right to health care is a crime which the government is held responsible of

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights stated that the stalling conducted by the government of Bahrain in depriving the political prisoner, Hasan Mushaima, of his right to medical treatment and health care violates the rules of Nelson Mandela in addition to local and international laws, and expresses disregard for the lives of prisoners. This validates the content of the report “Bahrain Prisons: Cemetery of the Livings” which was published last month by BCHR.
BCHR explained that Mushaima, which is over 70 years old, suffers from chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and gout; these diseases require continuous health care and periodic regular checkups.
BCHR reported that the prison’s administration prevented the treatment of Mushaima for more than 152 days, this act and behavior cannot be explained or justified, which causes concern over the life of Mushaima. This will lead to serious repercussions of the diseases suffered by Mushaima.
BCHR added that Hassan Mushaima has been deprived of visits for more than 527 days and his family has not been able to see him since. This contradicts the laws governing the rights of prisoners, especially regarding contacting the outside world.
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights called on the Government of Bahrain to provide the necessary and appropriate health care regarding the medical condition of Mushaima in a quick and urgent manner. The Center states that any complications regarding his health condition fall under the responsibility of the Bahraini government.