Bahrain Center for Human Rights: Nelson Mandela Still Suffers in Bahraini Prisons

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The Bahrain Center for Human Rights issued a statement on the occasion of “Nelson Mandela International Day” which is celebrated every year on the 18th of July. The “Center” took the opportunity to renew the call for improving the conditions of prisoners and detainees in Bahrain according to the Nelson Mandela Rules. Mandela was kept in prison for 27 years before serving as President of South Africa and was deprived of the minimum rules for the treatment of prisoners during his incarceration.

The “Center” also called attention to its launching of a special report on that occasion on the conditions of prisoners and prisons in Bahrain entitled “Bahraini Prisons: A Cemetery for the Living”, in which it reviewed Bahrain’s laws and legislation, as well as the extent of violations that are committed against prisoners.

The “Center” added that laws and legislation are not enough to improve the situations of prisoners and prisons in Bahrain amid ongoing violations against prisoners and detainees. The Government of Bahrain must therefore apply local laws and international rules regarding the treatment of prisoners.

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights concluded its statement by calling upon the Government of Bahrain to allow human rights and humanitarian organizations to inspect the conditions of prisons and implement international procedures through special rapporteurs of the Human Rights Council and related task forces.