Critical Injury as Armed Men Fire 9mm Rounds and Shotguns at Civilians in Duraz

Bahrain Watch

At least one teenager, Mustafa Hamdan, has been critically wounded and numerous injured after armed masked men launched an armed attack against civilians and protesters in the village of Duraz.

On 26 January 2017 at approximately 3 am, at least 20 masked individuals dressed in black civilian clothing and carrying arms attacked civilians next to the home of Shia Cleric Sheikh Isa Qassim in the village of Duraz. Protesters have camped there since June 2016 when the Ministry of Interior revoked the nationality of Sheikh Isa Qassim. The village has faced extreme security measures since then including complete police control over individuals that may enter. All entrances to the village have been set up with police checkpoints, with police controlling who may and may not enter the village. The government has also imposed a nightly internet shutdown in the village for over 200 days.

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