Bahrain prosecutes journalist in renewed crackdown on the media

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The Bahraini authorities have stepped up their pressure on Nazeeha Saeed, the France24 correspondent who was detained and tortured 2011.

She has been prosecuted for “illegal reporting” on behalf of foreign media in what appears to be a renewed crackdown on free expression.

Saeed was called to the public prosecutor’s office yesterday (17 July) and charged under a press law that prohibits Bahrainis from working for foreign media outlets without a licence.

In May 2011, Saeed was tortured by police for reporting on the events of the Arab Spring in Bahrain. In November 2015, Bahrain’s authorities decided not to prosecute her torturers. To mark that year’s International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists, the press freedom watchdog, Reporters Without Borders, renamed the Parisian street where the Bahraini embassy is located as Rue Nazeeha Saeed.

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