Bahrain: Nasser and Khalid bin Hamad Threaten Bahraini Activists During Protest in Berlin

Yousif is pictured left, with sign

Nasser and Khalid bin Hamad

Nasser and Khalid bin Hamad (Two sons of the king)


The Bahrain Centre for Human Rights expresses serious concern about the continued policy of impunity and lack of accountability for those who participate in threats and human rights violations.

On the 16th of June 2013, Bahraini activist Yousif AlHoori protested in Berlin during the “Iron Man Race” in which Nasser bin Hamad and Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa (sons of the King) participated in. According to the information received by the BCHR, Yousif was surrounded by Nasser bin Hamad’s bodyguards, among them was bodybuilder Saeed AlJowhar, who took turns in reportedly beating and kicking AlHoori. Nasser bin Hamad personally reportedly threatened Yousif AlHoori that “he will show him”. TV host Tawfeeq Salhi who was accompanying Nasser bin Hamad, reportedly threatened AlHoori that his family will face retribution in Bahrain. Instead of arresting the bodyguards who physically assaulted AlHoori, German police arrested the activist and released him an hour later.

To add to that, Khalid bin Hamad reportedly threatened other protestors, Hussain Abbas AlKhal and Hussain Hameed, that they would face consequences if they go back to Bahrain.

Both Nasser and Khalid bin Hamad AlKhalifa have several allegations against them of their direct involvement in torturing Bahraini citizens. Given the brothers’ involvement in serious human rights violations the BCHR takes threats made by them very seriously. (Read cases of torture at the hands of Nasser and Khalid bin Hamad: and

The Bahrain Center for Center for Human Rights holds Nasser bin Hamad completely responsible should anything happen to any of Yousif AlHoori’s family members in Bahrain.

It is with great disappointment that the culture of impunity for Bahraini officials, including members of the Bahraini ruling family extends beyond Bahrain’s borders to countries which claim to respect human rights and accountability. When human rights violators, especially those involved in torture, are permitted to travel freely without any accountability for their crimes despite evidence against them it encourages them to continue and others to do the same.

It is of concern to the BCHR that Nasser and Khalid bin Hamad were allowed to participate in the Berlin “Iron Man Race”, instead of being arrested upon arrival in Germany. Although German police officers witnessed part of the beating of Yousif AlHoori, the officers arrested him instead of providing him with protection.

This is not the first time Nasser bin Hamad has enjoyed impunity in an EU country. In 2012 he attended the London Olympics despite a joint effort by BCHR and ECCHR to deny his visa application, which included the filing of a case against him in the UK courts providing evidence of his involvement in torture (Read:

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights calls on the Government of Germany and other EU countries to respect their responsibility towards human rights, and to take steps against human rights violators who travel to Germany.