Individuals Killed By Government’s Excessive Use of Force Since 14 February 2011


 (Last Updated 15 January 2017)

The following list includes the names of individuals whose death has been confirmed by the Bahrain Center for Human Rights to have been caused as a direct result of the government’s excessive use of force. Each case below has been subjected to a careful review by trained BCHR staff, and medical professionals have been consulted where appropriate. However, due to limits on BCHR staff capacity and government attacks on human rights defenders, this list is not exhaustive.



• 24 recorded deaths during the 3 month National State of Security, including 5 while in police custody.

• Over 30 deaths since the issuance of BICI report.

• 18 children, under the age of 18, among the killed.

• Among causes of deaths: Direct shots with live ammuniction, torture and beating to death, and suffocation with tear gas

• The list includes three police men, who according to the Interior Ministry, were affiliated with the government security services and died as a result of being “run over by an unidentified car”. The list also includes non-Bahrainis.
Excel Sheet of the same list , check below for more details.




96 Sayed Mahmood Sayed Mohsen Sayed Ahmed, 14 years old, Sitra. On the 21st of May 2014, Sayed Mahmood was pronounced dead on arrival at Sitra Medical Center after being chased, ambushed, and shot in close range with shotgun pellets by police during a funeral procession in Sitra. BCHR Report


95 Abdulaziz Mosa AlAbbar, 27 years old, Saar. On the 18th of Apr 2014, Al-Abbar died after spending two months in a coma after sustaining critical brain injury as a result of a shot in the head with a tear gas canister. BCHR Report


94 Jaffar Mohammed Jaffar AlDurazi, 23 years old, Al-Diah. On the 26th of Feb 2014 the head of the Rehabilitation and Corrections Department announced the death of the detainee Jaffar AlDurazi while receiving medical treatment at the Salmanniya Medical Comple due to Sickle Cell Anemia Disease. The BCHR received information that AlDurazi was subjected to torture and poor prison conditions while in prison, as well as ill-treatment. BCHR Report


93 Fadhel Abbas Muslim Marhoon, 19 years old, Al-Diraz, Date of Death: 26 Jan 2014. Fhadhel died as a result of live bullets fired by the police, following 18 days of his enforced disappearance. BCHR Report


92 Yousif Ali AlNashmi, 31 years old, Al-Musallah, date of death: 11 Oct 2013. Yousif died due to the authorities practice of arbitrary arrest, torture and deprivation of adequate medical treatment. BCHR Report


91 Hussain Mansoor Abdulla Kadhem, 33 years old, Malkiya, date of death: 29 July 2013, died as a result of a car crash caused by a police officer’s reckless driving. BCHR Report


90 Abdul Ghani AlRais, 66 years old, Diraz, date of death: 01 April 2013, died as a result of psychological effects after he was informed of the arbitrary arrest of his son. BCHR Report


89 Mahmood Isa AlJazeeri, 20 years old, Nabih Saleh, Date of Death: 22 Feb 2013, died due to a direct tear gas canister hit to his head. BCHR Report


88 Hussain Ali Ahmed Ebrahim, 16 years old, Daih, Date of Death: 14 Feb 2013 Ebrahim died of a direct shotgun blast he received from close range. BCHR Report

87 Qassim Habib, 8 years old, Karbabad, Date of death: 26-JAN-2013 Habib died as a result of tear gas suffocation. Report: BCHR Report


86 Habeeb Ebrahim, 87 years old, Malkiya, Date of death: 12-JAN-2013 Ebrahim died as a result of tear gas suffocation. Report: BCHR Report

85 Bassil Al-Qattan, 44 years old, Shakhoora, Date of death: 19-Dec-2012 Died as a result of tear gas suffocation. Report: BCHR Report

84 Ali Radhi, 16 years old, Samaheej, Date of death: 9-Nov-2012 BCHR Report

83 Mahdi Ali Marhoon, 84 years old, Maameer, Date of death: 17-Oct-2012 He was transferred to hospital two months earlier, after suffocating with tear gas. His house in Maameer was targeted with tear gas several times. Report: Manama Voice

82 Mohammed Mushaima, 22 years old, Date of death: 2-Oct-2012 BCHR Report

81 Ali Hussain Neamah, 17 years old, Saddad, Date of death:28-Sep-2012 BCHR Report

80 Hussam Al Haddad, 16 years old, Muharraq, Date of death: 17-Aug-2012 BCHR Report

79 Shabeer Mammed, 27 years old, Indian, Date of death: 22-April-2012 He was found dead in his room in Sanad village. Area residents said the houses close to his were attacked with tear gas in the night before. His death is linked to suffocation of tear gas.

78 Salah Abbas Habib, 36 years old, from Bilad Alqadeem, Date of death: 21 April 2012 He was arrested, beaten and shot with birdshots. BCHR Report

77 Khadija Mohammed Ali, from Ma’ameer, Date of Death:5 April 2012 She Suffered from toxic/tear gas suffocation for 3 months in hospital ICU until her death was announced.

76 Ahmed Ismael Hussain AlSamadi, 22 years old, Salmabad, Date of Death: 31-Mar-2012 Was shot in the right thigh (lower abdomen) by armed civilians. Report and photos BCHR | RSF | CPJ | UN

75 Ahmed Abdulnabi AbdulRasool, 30 years old, died on 24 March 2012 due to tear gas suffocation as per his family. Ahmed’s sister is having trouble breathing as well due to the excessive use of tear gas by Bahraini security forces almost on a nightly basis. Ahmed’s family said that he never had any berthing problems until this past week when he suffocated from tear gas twice. Tear gas was shot directly into their home, window broken. After that Ahmed had trouble breathing and was constantly coughing. When his family insisted he go to the hospital he refused, fearing arrest. Report: BCHR

74 Abdat Ali AbdulMohsen, in her 40s, from Aali, died on 23 March 2012 she died from tear gas suffocation according to her family. Abda, who is in her 40’s, had suffered from breathing difficulties on the 15th of March, and she was taken to the hospital where she stayed for a week. On the 22nd of March her house was tear gassed again, her health deteriorated quickly and she died on the morning of the 23rd of March. Report: BCHR

73 Sabri Mahfoodh Yousif, 27 years old, Shahrakan, Date of Death: 19-Mar-2012 His family members confirmed to BCHR his death as a result of toxic gas asphyxiation. Report: BCHR

72 Jaffar Jassem Radhi, 41 years old, Date Of Death: 17-Mar-2012 He died after severe deterioration of his health as a result of excessive tear gas that was shot directly at his house in the previous night 16 March 2012. Report: BCHR

71 Fadhel AlObaidy, 22 year old, Diraz, Date of Death: 10-Mar-2012 He was shot in the head with a teargas canister on March 1st, 2012 when he was peacfuly protesting. He was announced clinically brain dead on 2nd March at the Bahrain International hospital (private hospital), and he passed away in the early hours of Saturday 10 March 2012. According to eye witnesses, security forces continued to beat, punch and kick Fadhel after he was shot in the head with a teargas canister. Report: BCHR

70 Sakeena Marhoon, in her 70s, Date of Death: 06-Mar-2012 She died after suffering from side effects of repeated inhalation of toxic gases thrown by security forces inside her house several times in Feb and March 2012. Report: BCHR

69 Yahya Yousif Ahmed, one month and a half, Date of Death: 05-Mar-2012 He died after suffering from side effects of toxic gas during pregnancy. Report: BCHR

68 Sayed Jaffar Salman AlAlawi, 75 years old, Shakhora, Date of Death: 2 March 2012 He was beaten severely on 15 Feb 2011 by Bahrain security forces, which left him with head injury and hip injury. He fell in comma and when he woke up he lost his memory and his health deteriorated. He spent the past year in hospital until his death was announced. Photo

67 Habib Kadhim Almulla, 60 years old, Sehal, Date of Death: 29-Feb-2012 He died on morning of Feb 29, 2012 due to teargas suffocation. Last friday, teargas was shot inside his home in Sehla, it broke the window and made him suffocates, and he was moved to to Salmanya hospital. His brother told BCHR that this was not the 1st time that Habib suffocates from the fired gases, but it was the 3rd time. Report: BCHR

66 Abda Hussain, 68 years old, Sehla, Date of Death: 25-Feb-2012 The cause of death was related to inhaling excessive amounts of tear gas which was filling the village (Sehla) which she lived in. Report: Alwefaq

65 Rose Nisha Naikarottu Baby Varghese, India, Date of Death: 21-Feb-2012 On 25 January, she entered a coma during an asthma attack that her family says may have been caused by tear gas inhalation. She died on 21 February, a day before she was to be sent home to India for treatment. Report: gulf daily news

64 Mansoor Salman, 85 years old, Sitra, Date of Death: 18-Feb-2012 Mansoor Salman passed away in the morning due to deterioration of his health as a result of inhalation of toxic gases shot by security forces on 2 Feb 2012. He was transferred to SMC after suffocating with toxic gases and he stayed there until he died yesterday. Mansoor’s death due to toxic gases is the last of a series of similar incidents where people dies because of heavy shooting of tear (toxic) gas in residential areas. (Report)

63 Ali Issa Abdulla Alhayeki, 48 years old, Samaheej, Date of Death: 6-Feb-2012 Family confirmed to BCHR that he suffered from suffocation from teargas that was shot in front of his house in Samaheej. Report BCHR

62 Abdali Ali Mohamed, 58 yrs old, Maamer, Date of dath: 1-Feb-2012 His house often get attacked with tear gas. He was exposed to tear gas on 27 Jan 2012. Admitted to hospital directly where he still until his death was announced. Report: BCHR

61 Zahra Ali Alhawaj, 69 years old, Noaim, Date of Death: 1-Feb-2012 According to her family she was exposed to tear gas multiple times. The last was on 12 Jan 2012 and her health deteriorated immediately following tear gas inhalation as her home area in Noaim (close to capital Manama) was tear-gassed. She was admitted to hospital ICU in the same night where she stayed without any improvement to her health. She suffered inflammation of the lungs. She didn’t suffer of any illness before. His death was announced on early hours of 1 Feb 2012. Report: BCHR

60 Saeed Ali Al-Sukari, 65 years old , from Aali, Date of Death: 25-Jan-2012 Family says it’s due to excessive tear gas that was thrown in the area the night before. For difficulty of verifying the cause of death, the BCHR demands an independent forensic examination of the deceased. Report BCHR

59 Abbas Jaffar AlShaikh, 26 years old, from Daih, Date of Death: 25-Jan-2012 Death announced at Salmanyia hospital due to cancer. Abbas is a protester who was injured many times since Feb 14, 2011, including injuries caused by birdshots. Speculations are that because he was increasingly subjected to teargas, that may have sped up the cancer. For difficulty of verifying the cause of death, the BCHR demands an independent forensic examination of the deceased. Report BCHR

58 Muntadher Saeed Fakhar, 37 years old, from Sanabis, Date of Death: 25-Jan-2012 (Photo) He died under torture in Hoora police station within 24 hours from time of arrest. Report BCHR

57 Mohamed Ebrahim Yaqoob, 18 years old, from Sitra, Date of Death: 25-Jan-2012 (Photo) , was a victim of run over attempt by police in the afternoon- video then was arrested, few hours later the ministry of interior announced his death. Report BCHR

56 Mohamed Khamis AlKhunaizi,26 year old, Jidhafs, Date-of-Death: 20-Jan-2012 He vomited after being subjected to excessive teargas, after which he went to sleep. He was found dead by his family a few hours later. Report and photos BCHR

55 Yaseen Jassim AlAsfoor, 14 year old boy, Maameer/AlEker, Date of Death: 20-Jan-2012 He was taken to the hospital after he was subjected to excessive teargas. His house was shot with three tear gas canisters at the time. He suffers from acute asthma and he was moved to the ICU when his lungs collapsed. Yaseen was in the hospital for 3 weeks before passing away. Report and photo: BCHR

54 Salma Muhsin, 81 years old, Barbar, Date of Death: 15-Jan-2012 She died from teargas suffocation after a canister was shot into her home.

53 Yousif Ahmed Muwali, 24 years old, Qalali, Date of Death: 13-Jan-2012 Yousif had gone missing five days. When his mother went to the police station to file a missing persons report she was told that Yousif was at the CID and that he was fine. Death was announced by MOI. When the family were finally able to see the body, the uncle reports via the lawyer that there are clear marks of torture on the victims head and neck. Report: BCHR-1 | BCHR-2

52 Fakhria Jassim AlSakran, 55 year old, Isa Town/Muharraq, Date of Death: 03-Jan-2012 Has been killed after inhaling a lethal does of tear gas. Report: BCHR

51 Sayed Hashim Sayed Saeed , 15 years old, Sitra, Date of Death: 30-Dec-2011 was shot with a teargas canister in the side of the face which caused his death. Report and Photos: BCHR

50 Abdulali Ali Ahmed, 73 years old, Muqsha, Date of death: 17-Dec-2011 He died due to tear gas inhalation. He was taken to a hospital Saturday morning after struggling to breath during a night of heavy clashes near his home along the Budaiya highway, where security forces have used tear gas excessively. Al-Mouali said Ahmed died Saturday evening. Report BCHR

49 Ali Ahmed AlQassab, 21, AbuSaiba, Date of death: 15-Dec-2011 He was run over and killed as he fled security forces chasing protesters near Budaiya Highway where protesters were trying to occupy the street. Report BCHR

48 Sajida Faisal, 5 DAYS old, Bilad AlQadeem, Date of death: 11-Dec-2011 She died from teargas suffocation according to her parents. Report BCHR

47 Zahra Saleh 27 years old, Safera/Daih, Date of death: 7-Dec-2011 She was hit with metal rod in head on 18 Nov. The government insists that the protesters were the ones who had hit her and that she had turned to the security forces for protection. My colleague went to the hospital, as well as a member of AlWefaq party, to try to speak to Zahra; both of them were stopped, questioned then turned away by Ministry of Interior employees. Also, in Bahrain, it is highly unlikely for anyone to turn to police for protection, especially someone who was supporting the protest movement as was seen on her facebook page. Report BCHR

46 AbdulNabi Kadhem, 44 years old, Aali, Date of death:23-Nov-2011 On morning of 23 nov 2011, Abdul Nabi Kadhem, was fatally wounded when his car was intentionally hit by fast-moving police vehicle, forcing him to collide with a standing wall of a building. Reports: AP | aljazeera | FT

45 Ali Yousif Baddah, 16 years old, Sitra, Date of Death: 19-Nov-2011 A 16-year-old Bahraini was killed Saturday morning when a police car crashed into him during a protest in the capital Manama. Ali al-Satrawi died at the scene due to injuries sustained after being pinned under the police car before it crashed into a wall. Photos (Graphic) Report: BCHR | DPA

44 Ali Hasan al-Dehi, 70 years old, Daih, Date of Death: 03-Nov-2011 died of his injuries early Thursday after riot police attacked him Wednesday evening. He was taken to hospital to treat his injuries but died at 12.30am Thursday after suffering a cardiac arrest. His home was also attacked in September when rubber bullets were fired into the house. Report AFP | Alwefaq

43 Ahmed Jaber AlQattan, 16 years, Shakhura, Date of Death: 06-Oct-2011 Ahmed Jaber AlQattan was shot by the security forces at close proximity during a protest with the pellet shotgun, which seems to have penetrated his heart and/or lung and caused his death. Ahmed was immediately taken to the International Hospital, around 3 miles from Manama. After emergency treatment he died at around 10.15pm (Bahrain time). Photos (Graphic) Photo1 | More Photos Reports BCHR | Amnesty | Minstery of Interior | ASSOCIATED PRESS | nytimes | BBC | AlJazeera

42 Jaafar Lutf Allah, 74 years, Abu Saiba’a , Date of death: 30-Sep-2011 Jaafar was admitted to hospital on 18 Sep 2011 after suffering from tear gas inhalation, as reported by his family to Alwasat newspaper. He is suffering from paraplegic, and the doctor ordered that Jaafar stays at hospital because of the amount of gas he was exposed to. His family complained of the excessive amount of tear gas thrown in the area near their house as it’s located at the entrance of the village. Jaffar’s death was announced on 30 Sep 2011.

41 Jaffar Hasan, 28 years, Demistan, Date of Death: 18-Sep-2011 Back in March 2011, the security forces stormed his house twice in search of his wanted brother, each time they beat him up severely. His health deteriorated due to the kicking on his chest, and he was taken to Salmaniya Medical Complex for treatment and then to Jordan. He was in the Salmanyia ICU since 8 Aug 2011 until he passed away on 18th August 2011. Photo showing marks of beating on his back | More Photos Report: BCHR

40 Sayyed Jawad Ahmed, 36 years old, Sitra, Date of Death: 14-Sep-2011 He died after inhaling tear gas fired at protesters Tuesday night. The brother, Mohammed, says Ahmed was hospitalized and died Wednesday. Photos Reports: BCHR | AP

39 Ali Jawad Ahmad al-Shaikh, 14 years old, Sitra, Date of death: 31-August-2011 He died from a head injury after being hit by a tear gas canister thrown by riot police. Photos: The Canister | Photo2 | Photo3 Reports: BCHR | Amnesty | BYSHR | CNN | Al Jazeera

38 Isa AlTaweel, 50 year old , Sitra , Date of death: 31-July-2011 He died due to teargas suffocation. A teargas canister was shot under his AC which filled his room with smoke. AlTaweel uses a wheelchair and thus was unable to leave his room quickly. Several days later the excess of teargas inhalation caused complications and caused his death yesterday. His family was threatened not to speak about the cause of death. For more related accidents check this report.

37 Zainab Hassan Ahmed al-Jumaa, 47 years, Sitra, date of death: 15-7-2011 She suffocated after inhaling tear gas fired by riot police at demonstrators in her home town of Sitra last Friday. she is a disabled and was not able to move out of the room. She is mother of two girls. Here is a video showing police throwing tear gas canister INSIDE houses in Sitra on the same day Zainab died

36 Majeed Mohammed Abdulaal, 30 years, Northern Sihla, date of death: 30-6-2011 He died due to direct shots of shotgun splinters, birdshotsn, into the head. He was admitted to Salmanyia hospital on 15 Mar with sever head injuried caused by shot gun, after getting attacked by armed civilians (thugs) on the road in his area Sehla. His family was not allowed to visit. He disappeared after the army took over the hospital and his death was announced on 30 Jun at the BDF hospital. The authority refused to admit cause of death. Majeed_Ahmed.pdf

35 Jaber Al Elewat, 43years, date of death: 12-6-2011 He was released from prison then died after one day due to torture in prison. There were signs of torture on his body and he was facing pain in his stomach before dying. photo

34 Sayed Adnan Sayed Hassan, 44 years, AlMarkh, date of death: 23-6-2011 He died as a result of suffocation from poisonous gas and tear gas, which, were shot by riot police in one of the religious events in Duraz. He died after he was hospitilized in the hospital. photo

33 Salman Isa AbuIdrees, 63 years, Manama, date of death: 3-6-2011 Was injured on 16th March attack on protesters. Not confirmed if he was a protester or was just passing by area on that day. Family was not able to visit him on the hospital until the day he was announced dead. 

32 Zainab AlTajar, Sanabis, date of death: 3-6-2011 Riot police started to attack a peaceful protest with shooting tear gas, where she was walking. The massive amount of tear gas made her suffocate and die.

31 Mohammed Abdulhussain Farhan, 6 years old, Sitra, date of death: 30-4-2011 The youngest martyr in Bahrain died due to suffocation from tear gas that riot police shot at houses in Sitra village on 29 of April, Friday. Therefore, was taken to the ICU Intensive Care Unit in the hospital where he died on Saturday morning. photo

30 Aziza Hassan Khamis, 25 years old, Bilad AlQadeem, divorced with one daughter, date of death: 16-4-2011 Riot police broke into her house at midnight. She witnessed riot police beating up one of her relatives, directing a gun at her and threatining her. Due to that, her sugar levels boosted up, made her faint, and then die.

29 Kareem Fakhrawi, 49 years, Date of death: 12-Apr-2011 On April 12, the opposition group Wifaq National Islamic Society announced that one of its members, a businessman and a founder of the Alwasat newspaper, named Kareem Fakhrawi, had died in custody. He reportedly was last seen at the Exhibition Centre Police Station on April 3 as he went to the police station to file a report and complaint about a raid on one of his relative’s houses. Marks of torture were visibile on his body. Photo1 | Photo 2 | More Photos Reports: HRW 1 | HRW 2 | BCHR | CPJ | UN | Freedom House

28 Zakariya Rashid Hassan AlAshiri, 40 years, AlDair, Date of death: 09-Apr-2011 The Ministry of interior has announced on 9 April 2011, the death of Zakariya Rashid Hassan in detention center, six days after his arrest (2 April) on charges of inciting hatred, disseminating false news, promoting sectarianism and calling for the regime’s overthrow in online forums. He moderated a now-closed forum where updates about the protest were posted. His family has rejected the interior ministry’s claim that he died as a result of sickle cell anemia complications. Marks of torture seen on his shoulder and wrist. Photo1 and Photo2 | More Photos Reports: Amnesty | HRW | BCHR | CPJ | RSF | UN

27 Ali Isa Saqer, 31 years, Sehla, Date of death: 09-Apr-2011 The Ministry of interior has announced on 9 April 2011, the death of Ali Isa Saqer in detention center. He had been arrested on charges of attempt to murder policemen by trying to run over them in his car. The Ministry of interiors claimed that “the suspect created chaos at the detention centre, prompting the security forces to interfere to bring the situation under control, but he resisted them sustaining injuries in the process. He was taken to the hospital and later died.” Weeks after his death, Bahrain T.V showed Ali’s “confessions” on 28 April 2011 , check this report Marks of torture seen on his body Photo1 | Photo2 | More Photos. Reports: Ministry of Interior | HRW | Amnesty | AP | BYSHR | BCHR

26 Sayed Hameed Mahfoodh Alsari, 61 years, Saar, Date of death: 06-Apr-2011 He had been reported missing on 5 April evening. Ministry of interior reported finding his body lying in Saar on 6 April. Relatives said Mahfoodh went missing Tuesday evening and allege he was killed by police. An Interior Ministry statement said it is investigating but that an external examination showed no signs of beating or attack. However photos showed very clear signs of beating similar to the ones on the body of Abdul-Rasoul al-Hujairi (no.18 on this list) Photos Marks of beating | More Photos Reports: AP | Ministry of Interior | Alwasat news

25 Hassan Jassim Mohammed Makki 39 years, Karzakan, Date of death: 03-Apr-2011 The Ministry of interior has announced on 3 April 2011, the death of Mr Hassan Jassim Mohammed Makki, aged 39, in a detention centre where he has been kept since his arrest on 28 March as a suspect of being involved in the recent unrest. The General Inspector of the Ministry, Ibrahim Habib A-Ghaith, claimed that the cause of death is a hereditary blood disease suffered by detainee. Photos: Marks of torture | More Photos Reports: Amnesty | BCHR 1 | HRW | Ministry of Interior | BCHR 2

24 Sayed-Ahmad Sa’eed Shams, 15 years, Saar, Date of death: 30-Mar-2011 Born Sep. 1996. Student in Duraz Secondary School. Died on the way to the American Mission Hospital in Saar after being shot in the face by security forces. Photos injuries on the body | Video | More Photos Reports: BCHR | Witness speaking at minute 3:00 (Video) | IHRC | AP

23 Isa Mohammed Ali Abdullah, 71 years, Ma’ameer, Date of death:25-Mar-2011 Died of asphyxiation in his home after police fired extensive tear gas in the village of Ma’ameer. His family called the emergency room but there was no response from Salmaniya hospital. Ma’ameer has been blockaded by police forces and a lack of hospital assistance made it impossible to revive him. Sons of the victims said that they were forced by the Ministry of Interior to sign that their father’s death was of natural causes. Photos Reports: Al Wefaq | HRW

22 Aziz Jumma Ayyad, 33 years old, Al-Hajar / Hamad Town , Date of death: 24-Mar-2011 Has been working at the Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) for 10 years. His family lost contact with him for 10 days, during which the BDF denied that they have anyone with that name. On 24 March the family was contacted by the authorities to tell them that he was admitted to the military hospital. Two hours later they were contacted again to tell them that Aziz is dead as a result of heart attack. According to death certificate he died 9 days earlier. There are suspensions that being a Shiaa, his death is suspicious as his body was held for 10 days and authorities denied they had any information about him. Photos: at time of death | More photos Reports: Alwasatnews | BCHR

21 Hani Abdul-Aziz Abdullah Jumah, 32 years old, Khamis, Date of death: 24-Mar-2011 A cleaner and the father of 1 year old twins. He was shot by riot police on March 19 at a building, which was under construction, and was found unconscious, lying in a large pool of his own blood. He sustained massive injuries to his knees and arm caused by being shot at point-blank range with a shotgun. HRW examined the scene of the attack on March 22, three days afterwards, and found fragments of bone, which a medical expert confirmed to be fragments of knee bone consistent with being shot at close range, as well as a tooth and pieces of human tissue still stuck to the wall and ceiling of the empty room, apparently the result of the velocity of the shots that maimed Jumah. On March 24, 2011, five days after his attack, the Bahraini Defense Force (BDF) hospital informed Jumah’s family that he had succumbed to his injuries and that they could pick up his body at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) the next morning. Photos: of injuries on body | death certificate | More photos Reports: Video report of HRW on the scene | HRW | BCHR | Jadaliyya

20 Bahia Abdelrasoul Al-Aradi (Ms), 51 years old, Manama, Date of death: 21-Mar-2011 A female nurse. She was shot in the head on 15th March by a sniper. She was on the phone with her younger sister when she was shot. According to witnesses who came to her aid from nearby houses, they were also shot at by the military vehicles parked on a highway near Al-Gadam roundabout. Bahia’s family refused to take her body when they were asked to sign a paper saying that she died in a car accident. Final official death certificate stated that Bahia died as result of “severe brain injury” Photos: the car | Bahia | More photos Video of the car after the incident: Reports: alwasatnews | Human Rights Watch | BCHR | Reuters | Al Jazeera | ABC News

19 Jawad Mohammed Ali Shamlan, 48 years old, Al-Hajar, Date of death: 20-Mar-2011 Works for the military. Gunshot in the stomach. Signs of beating on his back. On 16 March he went to work at Khamis police station but did not come back home. A person answered his mobile saying to the family that Shamlan is killed. The family were unofficially informed that he was at the Military hospital. 21 March a relative recognized his body at the morgue at Salmaniya Hospital. Photo of Jawad Shamlan at time of death | More photos Reports: alwasatnews | Human Rights Watch | BCHR

18 Abdul-Rasoul Hassan al-Hujairi, 38 years old, Bouri, Date of death: 20-Mar-2011 Was stopped at a checkpoint on 17th March. Ministry of interior reported finding his body in a remote area in Awali and contacted his family on March 20th to receive his body. Signs of harsh beating all over the body. Photo of Abdul-Rasoul al-Hujairi at time of death | More photos Reports: Al Jazeera English (Video) | Human Rights Watch | BCHR

17 Aklas Miah, 50 years old, Bangladish, Date of death: 15-Mar-2011 Has been in Bahrain for 31 years, A father of 3 girls. Died as a result of bullet wound in the head during an attack on Sitra village by security forces, reportedly while defending woman protestors. Buried on 23 March in Gulap Gong village in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Photo of Aklas Miah at time of death and another photo | More photos Reports: alwasatnews | BCHR

16 Isa Radhi al-Radhi, 47 years old, Sitra, Date of death: 19-Mar-2011 Was missing since 15 March, family was called to pick up the body. He was severely beaten all over his body and his skull and neck were broken. His legs bear pellets of bird shotgun. The official death certificate states that the cause of death was broken skull and brain bleeding. Photo of Isa Radhi at time of death | More photos Reports: alwasatnews | Human Rights Watch | BCHR

15 Ali Ahmad Rashid Al-Mraisi 30 years old, Rafa’, Date of death: 16-Mar-2011 According to the Interior Ministry, he is affiliated with the government security services and was killed during clashes with anti-government protesters. Died as a result of being “run over by an unidentified car” in Sitra on March 15. Reports: alwatannews | alwasatnews | Human Rights Watch

14 Mohammed Faruq Abd al-Samad al-Balooshi , Pakistani, Date of death: 16-Mar-2011 According to the Interior Ministry, he is affiliated with the government security services and was killed during clashes with anti-government protesters. Died as a result of being “run over by an unidentified car” Reports: alwatannews | alwasatnews | Human Rights Watch

13 Kashef Ahmed Munther (security man),21 years old, Date of death: 16-Mar-2011 According to the Interior Ministry, he is affiliated with the government security services and was killed during clashes with anti-government protesters. Died as a result of being “run over by an unidentified car” Photo of Kashef Munther Reports: alwatannews | alwasatnews | Human Rights Watch

12 Ahmed Abdulla Hassan, 22 years old, Daih/Hammad Town, Date of death: 16-Mar-2011 Bird shotgun wounds in the neck, back and legs after the attack on the pearl roundabout on 16 Match 2011 Photo of Ahmed Abdulla at time of death: Photo1 | Photo2 | Photo3 and Video | More photos Reports: Alwasatnews | Human Rights Watch | BCHR

11 Jaffer Mohammed abd-Ali, 41 years old, Karraneh, Date of death: 16-Mar-2011 He was killed with Live bullet pierced arm and settled in his chest on Wednesday morning on his way to Pearl Square to reinforce the protesters’ lines during the military assault on the encampment. Photos of Jaffer AbdAli at time of death: Photo1 | Photo2 | Photo3 | Photo4 | Photo5 Reports: Human Rights Watch | BCHR

10 Jaffer Abdulla Ma’yuf, 30 years old, Aali, Date of death: 16-Mar-2011 Shot with birdshot in the leg during the raid of roundabout, and then with a live bullet on the back and settled in the chest. He was unable to reach Salmaniya hospital. They took him to Jidhafs medical center which was not equipped to treat such cases. The bleeding was heavily continuing, so they took him to Ibn Nafees Hospital (private hospital), but he died before reaching the hospital. Photo of Jaffer Abdulla Ma’yuf at time of death and another photo Reports: Human Rights Watch | BCHR

9 Steven Ebraham, 48 years old, India , Date of death:16-Mar-2011 An Indian expatriate working as a security guard, was shot in the chest on 16 March 2011, after the brutal attack on the protesters on the pearl roundabout. He was standing on the terrace of a building at Manama when Bahrain security personnel reportedly fired at him during an air surveillance of pro-reform protesters, who had gathered on the streets on Wednesday evening. He bled to death as he could not be taken to a hospital. photo of Steven Ebraham at time of death Reports: Deccan Chronicle | Times Of India | Indian Express | Alwasat | enduringAmerica

8 Ahmed Abdulla Farhan, 30 years old, Sitra, Date of death:15-Mar-2011 Shot in the head with stun grenade at point blank. Ahmed had the misfortune of going to refuel his car at a petrol station on the outskirts of his hometown, Sitra, when it came under attack from heavily armed troops belonging to the Bahraini Defence Force and Saudi army. He was shot in the head by Saudi soldiers as he lay fatally wounded on the ground. Video of Ahmed Farhan at time of death and another video with photos and another photo Reports: Finian Cunningham | Human Rights Watch 29-Mar | BCHR

7 Abdul-Redha Mohammed Buhmeid, 32 years old, AlMalkiya , Date of death: 21-Feb-2011 Shot in the head. Abdul Redha Mohammed Hassan, died in the Salmaniya Hospital in Manama due to his wounds on Feb. 21. He had been shot in the head from close range on Feb 18 when Bahraini army forces shot anti-government demonstrators whom have tried to approach the Pearl Square in order to remove any injured protesters still their from the previous night attack. The murder of Abdul-Redha Mohammed Buhmeid is recorded on Video and still photo Photo of Abdul-Redha at time of death , another photo and Video Reports: msnbc | Amnesty International | Human Rights Watch 29-Mar | Human Rights Watch 28-Feb | BCHR | PHR

6 Ali Mansoor Khudhair, 53 years old, Sitra, Date of death:17-Feb-2011 Bird shotgun wounds. He died in the early hours with 91 pellets pulled from his chest and side in febreuary 17th, after riot police used what appears to have been severely excessive force, to disperse protesters camping at the Pearl Roundabout in Manama. Photo of Ali Khudhair at time of death and Video Reports: New York Times | Amnesty International | Human Rights Watch | BCHR

5 Mahmood Ahmed Makki (Abu-Takki), 23 years old, Sitra, Date of death:17-Feb-2011 Bird shotgun wounds. Mahmood was was woken up at 2:30 in the morning by the security forces with guns in hand. Despite the cries of ”We are peaceful!”, he was killed after being exposed to fissile bullets during the army raid to protesters, while he was in Pearl Square. Photo of Mahmood Makki at time of death Reports: Aljazeera | Amnesty International | Human Rights Watch | BCHR

4 Ali Ahmed Abdulla al-Moumen, 23 years old, Sitra, Date of death: 17-Feb-2011 Ali al Moumen left his home in the neighbourhood of Sitra early on Thursday morning, bound for Pearl Square. He then was killed after being exposed to fissile and rubber bullets during his attempts to help medics saving wounded people after the massacre caused by army. He was shot with bullet in hip, main artellies were cut in both legs which caused him to bleed to death Photo of Ali al Moumen at time of death Reports: Amnesty International | Human Rights Watch | BCHR | | Aljazeera

3 Isa Abdul-Hassan, 60 years old, Karzakkan, Date of death:17-Feb-2011 He was killed in Pearl Square after being exposed to fissile bullet straight in head which leads to skull burst and brain scattering. Medical evidence shows indicates that he was probably shot from within two meters. Photo of Isa Abdul-Hassan at time of death Reports: Amnesty International | Human Rights Watch 29-Mar | Human Rights Watch 28-Feb BCHR

2 Fadhel Salman al-Matrook, 31 years old, AlMahoz, father of two, date of death: 15-Feb-2011 As police tried to disperse people gathered for the funeral march of the first victim to die in the unrest, al-Matrook was killed during his participation in the funeral ceremony of Martyr Ali Mushaima on Tuesday 15 March. Martyr exposed to fissile and rubber bullets which penetrated his chest and heart to end his life. Photo of Fadhel al-Matrook at time of death Reports: Amnesty International | Human Rights Watch | BCHR | The Star

1 Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima, 21 years old, al-daih, date of death: 14-Feb-2011 He was shot in the back Monday afternoon, reportedly with birdshot, at a demonstration on 14 February in al-Daih village, in the north of Bahrain. He was taken to al-Salmaniaya hospital in Manama, the capital, but died one hour later as a result of injuries. Photo of Ali Mushaima at time of death Reports: Amnesty International | Human Rights Watch | BCHR | CNN

Other relevant information: • Alayam, a pro- government newspaper, reported that Rashid Hamad Al-Ma’amari, a taxi driver, was beaten by “terrorists”, whilst Al-wasat daily newspaper reported details by an eye witness that it was a traffic accident. • A Pakistani worker died when Pearl Roundabout was razed.. huge concrete pieces fell on the crane he was operating…he died on the spot.