BCHR welcomes the release of tens of prisoners and awaits the release of Mohammed Hassan Jawad

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) welcomes the release of tens of prisoners and reflects on this step as a positive initiative by the government of Bahrain.

Nedal Al Salman, president of BCHR stated that the release of prisoners including the expected release of Mohammed Hassan Jawad (better known as Parweez) is “as a good move towards the better of Bahrain“. As well, BCHR has welcomed more than once the calls to expand the alternative penal code to include the largest possible number of prisoners in various cases.

Mohammed Hassan Jawad (Parweez) was arrested on the 22nd of March 2011 and sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment. Medical reports have confirmed that he requires specialist health care. He has severe mobility issues and is suffering from various health complications. He is 75 years and will be released due to his deteriorating health.

She added that the COVID-19 pandemic is a major threat on lives of prisoners and there are growing concerns of its widespread in prisons and detention centers. This makes the release of prisoners an ethical and moral step for public welfare.

BCHR calls upon the government of Bahrain to build upon these positive steps with similar steps whilst giving priority to the elderly and those in need of medical care.

BCHR also revealed that according to sources, the government of Bahrain is anticipating to release up to 100 prisoners in the coming days. Nedal Al Salman stressed that such steps are welcomed and will be well received at local and international levels. “We have growing hopes of witnessing ongoing steps in the coming period”, Nedal added.

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