Bahrain: Recommendations of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)

Recommendations to US Government

  • Include Bahrain on the U.S. Department of State’s Special Watch List for engaging in or tolerating severe violations of religious freedom pursuant to the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA);
  • Publish an updated assessment of Bahrain’s compliance with the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) report, with particular focus on recommendation 1724a, relating to censorship of beliefs, and recommendation 1722d, relating to the detention of prisoners incognito;
  • Continue to provide guidance and training for Bahrain’s security services to prepare for Ashura observances in ways that protect observers’ religious freedom rights and minimize the potential for the outbreak of violence.

Recommendations to US Congress

The U.S. Congress should:

  • Continue to conduct periodic fact-finding missions and congressional delegation trips to Bahrain to assess religious freedom conditions there;
  • Highlight in religious freedom and human rights-related hearings and other official proceedings Bahrain’s treatment of Shi’a Muslims.