Statement on International Women’s Day:

As we mark International Women’s Day, we reassert our dedication to upholding women’s rights and advancing gender equality across all spheres of life. With women comprising half of society and playing a pivotal role in its advancement, it is imperative to ensure they have access to equal opportunities and rights.

We unequivocally denounce all forms of discrimination and violations against women, whether in Bahrain or elsewhere. Women’s rights should be safeguarded and promoted without exception, through comprehensive measures.

We call upon the authorities in Bahrain to actively work towards securing women’s rights and eradicating all forms of discrimination. Every woman deserves freedom, justice, and dignity, necessitating the provision of necessary support and the enforcement of laws protecting their rights.

We stress the significance of supporting women across various domains, encompassing politics, economics, social, and cultural realms. Empowering women translates to empowering the entire community, essential for fostering a more progressive and prosperous society.

On this International Women’s Day, we urge collective action to achieve gender equality and justice, reaffirming our steadfast commitment to advancing women’s rights worldwide.