Bahrain Center in its report for the month of May: More than 65 human rights violations, including 6 arrest cases, and 70 protests

Bahrain Center for Human Rights monitored more than 65 human rights violations, including summonses, arrests, and storming of areas, in addition to attacks on political prisoners. The most prominent of these violations was the arrest of the preacher of the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque, peace be upon him, in Duraz, Sheikh Muhammad Sanqour, on May 22, against the background of a religious sermon in which he condemned normalization and changing curricula. Education and demanded the disclosure of the fate of political prisoners to be released later on the 25th of the same month.

In addition, 5 other citizens were arrested from separate areas, including Sanabis and Abu Quwa. According to what the center documented, the month of May witnessed a series of summons against no less than 15 citizens, including activists, parents of martyrs, and citizens.

Among the violations monitored by the center are the heightened security alerts in the areas, in addition to setting up checkpoints and roadblocks in the streets, especially in the areas of Sanabis, Abu Quwa and Duraz.

With regard to the continuous violations against political prisoners in Jaw Central Prison, the center monitored a series of attacks against political prisoners who demanded to guarantee their rights, provide them with health care, and stop reprisals against them, most notably the collective punishment of prisoners in Building 6, Ward 1 and 2, after they protested against being transferred to other cells in order to Relinquish the place to foreign criminals. The center also recorded severe beatings on prisoners sentenced to death after storming the building under the pretext of inspection, while the prison administration took the two prisoners sentenced to death, Muhammad Ramadan and Hussein Marzouq, to ​​an unknown destination outside the building.

In addition, the protest movements and peaceful activities amounted to about 70 protests in 10 regions, the most prominent of which were in Sanabis, Damistan and Duraz.