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GDN:Prisoners ‘need treatment’

Published: 26 August 2006 A LACK of treatment and supervision of prisoners with personality disorders... more

GDN: Activists call for neutral poll body

Gulf Daily News - 17 August 2006 By Kanwal Tariq Hameed A BAHRAIN human rights... more

The Documentary Film Script: The Political Naturalization in Bahrain

June 2002 The video can be viewed here. Camera shots of a trip by car... more

BCHR: Manipulation of Process and Results of the Coming Elections in Bahrain

Discrimination and Spread of Feelings of Injustice and Distrust Pave Way to Instability Thirty Thousand... more

BCHR:An Example of Discrimination Violating the Law in Granting Citizenship

The Case of Al Satrawi’s Extended Family: An Example of Discrimination Violating the Law in... more

U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons Report: BAHRAIN (TIER 2 WATCH LIST)

Released by the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons June 5, 2006 more

Bahrain’s dawn of democracy proves false for Shia

By William Wallis, Financial Times - May 3 2006 A few blocks away from the... more

New York Times: In Tiny Arab State, Web Takes on Ruling Elite

New York Time - 15 January 2006 By NEIL MacFARQUHAR MANAMA, Bahrain - Ali Abdulemam,... more

International Crisis Group: Bahrain’s Sectarian Challenge

Middle East Report N°40 6 May 2005 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS A little over... more

Concluding observations of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination : Bahrain

14/04/2005. CERD/C/BHR/CO/7. (Concluding Observations/Comments) Convention Abbreviation: CERD COMMITTEE ON THE ELIMINATION OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION Sixty-sixth... more