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Bahrain: 11 Year-Old Children And Other Minors Detained

Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses strong concern over the ongoing targeting of minors in... more

Bahrain: Children Deprived from Obtaining IDs and Passports out of Revenge against their Detained Fathers

The authority turns the Children of Detainees ‘Stateless’ Until Further Notice The Bahrain Center for... more

Bahrain Salam: Urgent Action for the release of the child with special needs Jassim Al-Banna

Bahrain Salam for Human Rights appeals to human rights organizations and activists to take urgent... more

Bahrain: Arrest of 13 year old Children and Detaining them for More than Two Weeks

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses its concern for the Authority’s in Bahrain continued... more

Amnesty Int'l: Bahrain: Children detained for "rioting"

UA: 343/13 Index: MDE 11/059/2013 Bahrain Date: 20 December 2013 Two Bahraini boys, Jehad Nabeel... more

Amnesty: Halt Detention, Abuse And Torture Of Children

Children are being routinely detained, ill-treated and tortured in Bahrain, said Amnesty International in a new... more

Universal Children’s Day: Violations Against Children in Bahrain: An Ongoing Issue due to Impunity

A Report by the Bahrain Center for Human Rights   Index:   1. Introduction 2.... more

Amnesty Int'l: Bahrain: Teenage protesters given 10 years in prison

URGENT ACTION Two Bahraini boys, Jehad Sadeq ‘Aziz Salman and Ebrahim Ahmed Radi al-Moqdad, had... more

Amnesty Int'l: Bahrain authorities arrest yet another child

UA: 268/13 Index: MDE 11/045/2013 Bahrain Date: 27 September 2013 URGENT ACTION In a month... more

Amnesty Int'l: Bahrain: Fifteen-year-old diabetic boy held in Bahrain

URGENT ACTION Fifteen-year-old diabetic boy held in bahrain ‘Ali Muslim Ebrahim, a 15-year-old Bahraini boy... more